Wednesday what?

Happy Wednesday, kidlets!  Yes, the blog is slacking right now.  I apologize.  Life has been difficult.  But we shall press on!  I missed Tongue Twister Tuesday 🙁 That hurts. So today I’m switching it up. Check out this video.  I like the beat!  Don’t be surprised if next school year I sing the hook every day!

Wash Your Hands


Another tongue twister Tuesday is here, kidlets!  This tongue twister isn’t really hard: it’s a very interesting sentence.

Can you can a can? Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?

Good luck, my friends.  Have a superb day!

May 18

Well well well.  It’s Monday!  During these different times, I have had a lot of quiet time to myself.  I have to be 100% with y’all: it has been hard. Some days are super filled with laughter, smiles, and entertainment.  Some days are total thunderstorms of doubt, confusion, and boredom.  Well, on those rough days, I force myself to find a way out of those storms.  As you know, I like scavenger hunts.  This particular hunt is different.  This a hunt for gratitude.   Gratitude is one of the many positive emotions we have. It’s about focusing on what’s good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have.  To help us with that, try to find 1 or more of these things on a daily basis to find gratitude in everyday life.  How are you going to show gratitude today?

Dragons are what?

Hi, kidlets.  Sorry I missed posting yesterday and Monday.  I can’t believe I forgot 2 days in one week!  Anyway, check out this story called I’m a Fire Breather: Meet a Dragon.  I was looking for something different to read that had moments of humor.

You can also do this activity when you have finished watching the story.

May 8

Hey there, kidlets!  I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful day we had yesterday!  This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  I wanted to make something for my mama.  I’m not very crafty so I made a poster and wrote a little poem.  What are you going to do special for your mom?  I’m sure she will love whatever you give whether it’s a picture you drew just for her or maybe a bracelet you made or even a simple hug will bring a smile to her face.  Have a great weekend!


P.S. Check out our school talent show here


Hey, kidlets!  I know today’s blog post is really late.  I was having too much fun enjoying the sun outside and being at the Teacher Appreciation Parade today. Thank you all who made it out!  Speaking of getting outside, that’s what you need to do today. GET OUTSIDE!  It’s beautiful!  Try this Nature-Scavenger-Hunt_Childhood-101 Mrs. Steele and her family like to hike.  What do you like to do outside?


May 6

Greetings kidlets!  I hope everyone is doing well.  I popped into 2 class Zoom calls so far this week.  It was so awesome to see some of you!

For today, I have a story to share with you.  It’s about a juggling pug.  The story has oodles of words from the /ug/ family.  Who’s the /ug/ family?  Well, any word that has the short /u/ sound followed by a /g/ makes the /ug/ sound is in the family.  Some words in the /ug/ family are pug, dug, and mug.  See how many more you notice in the story.

Don’t forget to laugh, kids!

TTT- 5/5/

Hey kidlets!  It’s another Tongue Twister Tuesday!  This week’s tongue twister was tricky.  When you read it, your mind starts running, but once you say it, you do better than you think you will.

A synonym for cinnamon is a cinnamon synonym.

Good luck!

May 4

Greetings kidlets! Another Monday is here! So for today,  I have a game of solitaire for y’all to play. It’s called pyramid (because the shape). Here’s a link with detailed directions. Let me know if you have fun with this. You can keep playing to get faster with your facts!