2nd Trimester Memories!

Hard to believe our 2nd trimester is almost over!  Here are some photos from what we’ve been up to in intervention!

Carter reading a passage.

Maverick utilizing a pedal bike

Kennedi and Gannon learning about arrays

Bailee working on a multiplication mystery picture for Fun Friday Math

     Gannon challenged me to a game of Number Ninja

  Richard was excited to start researching for the Exhibition!

Gannon enjoying a snack in my room because Pringles are fun.

Another Great Week

We have been enjoying our year so far. Raemelton still provides us a great learning experience.

We’ve also been working hard in the intervention room as well as the classroom. Our students are definitely showing their IB learner profile traits of caring, open-minded, inquiring communicators!

Hooray for Learning

We have been very busy in intervention. We started Raemelton last week. The students were very happy to get back to our neighbors and learn about horses.

In the classroom, some of us are learning to be Odd Squad Agents. We are brushing up our detective skills while building math skills.


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another awesome year at Discovery in Intervention.  This year has started off with renewed mindsets, positive attitudes, and a thirst for learning!

Please encourage your student to read as much as possible.  Words are everywhere!  Have your student read the cereal box at breakfast.  In the store, have your student help you find the right aisle for the pickles.  When riding in the car or out for a walk, have your student read the street signs and billboards.

Looking forward to another awesome year of growth for all!


Busy Times

We’ve stayed engaged with our weekly trips to Raemelton, reading, learning about fractions, and all sorts of other interesting things!

MJ learning how a fraction is a part of a whole.


Tried some sports during our time at Raemelton.

RS sorting and graphing jellybeans

Wacky Wednesday with MC and me

TF practicing cooperation and turn-taking with Mrs. Velma

Flexible seating is a must for read to self

GC contemplating the day’s activities at Raemelton.

Spring Break is here!

We made it to spring break! What a time we’ve had!


T.F working on her kindness donut.

M.C. embracing her silly side.


More adventures at Raemelton!

M.B. was very excited to lead with Mr. Jonathan.

S.B. smiling with Sunshine!

T.F. has a special connection with her horse Nick.


R.D. ready to take Phoenix onward!

R.S. working hard on the letter N during daily 5.

Looking forward to more memory making after spring break!